How did you get here?!


Hello, hi, how are you?!

My name’s Mike and I’m an INFP… just like you 😉

Let me ask you something…

Why are you here?

I’m betting you’re sick…

Sick of working in a job where you simply have no passion; I mean, the job serves no purpose!

You wake up every day and it’s like “meh. Snooze bar, my good friend, please grant me another 9 minutes of rest.”

And over and over that scene plays for 27 minutes until you’ve found the will power to get up, shower and go to work 17 minutes late.

You’ve realized that you’re giving over 33% of your life to a job that you hate, 33% to “yourself” (and paying bills and cooking and your spouse and your kids) and 33% to sleep.

And that’s in a perfect world. We all know that doesn’t actually exist – it’s more like 40/35/25 in reality.

Whose life is this and how can it be considered “LIVING”?


But I guess the REAL questions are…

  • “If you switch careers, how can you know 100% that that’s IT?”
  • “How can you stop jumping around from interest to interest and just CHOOSE something?”
  • “How can you pay the bills while you search?”

More importantly, what are you waiting for?

  • For an “ah-ha” epiphany kind of experience? We’re such romantics aren’t we?
  • To discover what you REALLY like to do? How long will you wait before you actually make a change?
  • To read a job description that speaks directly to you? With the generic cram-every-job-skill-into-a-job-description, I-want-it-all attitude of employers, it’s easy to feel not-good-enough.

God, I get it!

I was a lot like you 5 years ago when I started this site. I was sick of my career.

  • I simply KNEW it wasn’t for me.
  • I knew I was bad at it.
  • I knew it didn’t utilize my strengths
  • I knew I wanted to be home with my kids, laughing with them and playing.

But there was a BIG problem…

I made 6 figures. How do you walk away from that?!?

Well, it turns out that switching careers is hard, maybe even impossible for most people.

We know there’s something wrong with our lives and we know it’s our jobs.

There’s something inside of us telling us we’re meant for more.

So we say “ok, that’s IT – this isn’t right – I’m going to switch careers” but we’re instantly pushed back by some very sad and overwhelming truths:
1) Going back to school is expensive! When you’re still paying back loans or just finished, what are you supposed to do?
2) Adults get shafted on interest rates. Why would you pay $40k to borrow $20k?
3) Going back to school is nearly impossible when you’ve got kids to take care of. How can you possibly manage the schedule?
4) It takes a LONG time to switch careers; as-in, years. Our willpower to change doesn’t usually last that long.
5) INFPs usually like to go into social fields like psychology, which pay less than typical jobs. That’s great if it’s your first job out of college. But if you’re already established, have a life, a decent standard of living, a family, how the hell can you stand to make less?!?

It’s a catch-22.

And you’re trapped right in the middle.

Happiness or complacency?
Passion or boredom?

Which to choose?

And how can you make these seemingly impossible challenges disappear?

It took me many years, but I finally started piecing together an escape route.

To get started, use the contact form to send a message.