The End of an Era

Dear INFP friends, I've decided to shut down INFP Careers. Like so many projects that I've started and failed to achieve critical mass in,

this website too became a burden, a weight, something that I tried to push but didn't have the strength to.

Maybe I learned that I can't go it alone on projects. I'm more of a teamwork type of INFP. Or maybe I need to

be out doing things in the real world instead of the digital world. I'm not sure. 

One thing is true, I've met a lot of amazing INFPs, a lot of really amazing people from everywhere in the world. 

What a joy. What a gift.

I hope and pray for you to find peace, serenity, purpose, passion in your life. I hope for you to enjoy your life and be present. 

To find what ignites your heart and makes you smile. I wish for you to find genuine connection through work and play. 

I wish you effortless and unbounded love. 

Good luck with all!