19 Career Tools & Resources for INFPs

Show of hands. Who likes to learn about themselves? via GIPHY If you’re an INFP I’d be willing to bet that you do. Assessments, quizzes, personality tests, etc. give an opportunity to see yourself from a different perspective. All so that you can understand yourself better and see the many facets of yourself from a … Read More

Invincible INFP is now INFP Careers

This is just a quick note to let you know that I’ve switched the name and domain of the site from Invincible INFP to INFP Careers. Keep an eye out for new content relating to INFPs and careers in the coming weeks!

How many failures does it take you to give up?

I’ve failed at starting my own business probably 50 times by now. I get excited, I run toward my future and then I smash my face against a glass wall. I’ve got my limits and they are plentiful. I’m not type-A. I’m type B or C. Is there a type-D? I get stuck in think-about-it … Read More

Time to engage your invincibility cloak

There’s a sort of misunderstanding to the word “invincible”. Please note, I didn’t say “Invisible” – that’s the opposite of what I want for you. “Invincible” almost implies superhero status or tough guy attitude. And I don’t think many of us would feel that we fall into that persona. But I think of it more … Read More