Video: Embracing imperfection

I made this very imperfect video about embracing IMperfection (where I imperfectly tell you to embrace “perfection” HA!) Moral of the story: Life is imperfect. Butts. We avoid having discomfort in our lives. More butts. By pursuing perfection, we build a bubble around ourselves and live a smaller life where we don’t even experience happiness … Read More

Can INFPs work in sales? 

I received an email from someone who is unhappy in sales that reads: “I’ve just joined in a job which is completely opposite of my values as an infp, to be exact it is a position with 80% of work as a sales executive. You would know that as an infp it drains me and … Read More

Video: I was afraid to email my list

This is a video I made after scheduling an email to send to my list for the first time in a long time. In it, I discuss how I was eating sugar because of these underlying childhood feelings that I have and how that’s prevented me from emailing my list as it’s grown. I also … Read More

Quick Explanation: Why Would a Company Would Hire You

A company has lots of problems, lots of pain points. As an interviewee, your job is to determine what those pain points are and how the skills you’ve developed, paired with your experience can help solve them. If you don’t have enough skills and experience to solve those problems, you keep training and seeking smaller … Read More