Like a Blast of Cold Water Straight into Your Heart

As early as I can remember in my career I was telling people that I was unhappy…

…That I couldn’t stand being in this black and white corporate world where everyone walked the black and white path to work, wore black and white clothes every day and parked themselves into their dimly lit cubicles; turning gray from the rays of the fluorescent bulbs overhead.

In fact, I’ve probably written some poems and essays on the topic instead of working. #winning #sarcasm

Those complaints were met with advice that boiled down to “suck it up. This is the way it is.”
I’m… how do I say this, I’m not satisfied with the status quo. “This is the way is it” doesn’t sit well with me.

I, for better or worse, march to the beat of my own drummer.

The boredom of routine 9-to-5 life was crippling my soul.

The button-down shirts, that “corporate uniform”, it was too much. I just wanted to write music and rock and being in that corporate uniform was like being in prison. It was a constant reminder that I was owned by a corporation.

The worst part was how little control I had. I had no way out and I felt trapped.

Whenever a new job showed up, if it paid more than I was making, I took it.

I bounced around from job-to-job and allowed my career to push me around like a bully. I was like a little toy floating on the surface of the ocean and being tossed everywhere by the waves.

When I started a new job, I would be excited for a few months, but slowly over time the stress would mount and I’d grow frustrated with coworkers for not being helpful.

My days generally looked like this:

  • Work on projects
  • Get things done “as soon as possible”
  • When I asked what my priority was, I was told “all of them”
  • Get distracted by a million different distractions
  • Troubleshoot a major problem while the president of the company looked over my back. Impending stress nightmare.

Just as recently as 2015 I was still miserable. I actually started this website back in 2010 and I had fully intended to just give up on my career as a programmer and become a psychologist or something.

I was just sick of it.

But as I researched, I found that the limitless options were crippling (“analysis paralysis”) and income actualities were drastically lower than the amount I’d learned to live on.

The fact that I had 2 kids was preventing me from having the time to actually make a change, even if I had the balls and money to make the change.

There were so many books that promoted running out and quitting my job or “just doing it” and I didn’t get it. I felt no safety in doing that and no energy to make it happen.

I hated feeling like I was just a cog in a machine, a worker bee whose opinion didn’t matter.

I felt like a misshapen jigsaw puzzle piece that wouldn’t fit into the puzzle.

Fast Forward to Today
When I started my most recent job, a lot of things changed. All of that unhappiness, stress and struggle that I went through was suddenly valuable because it helped me see what I wanted and needed in a career and job. It helped me guide my path.
I brought my own authenticity to my job and have been very real, very *me* with people.

As an effect, we have a lot of fun at work and I truly enjoy my coworkers. I also enjoy the actual work.

I feel so valuable to my company and to my coworkers.

And this isn’t a one-off thing. This is the result of taking the direction of my career into my own hands.

It’s a result of *knowing* what I’m going to do in the future (life-coaching and online entrepreneurship).

What I have now is a career that I’m in charge of.

I own it.

I make the decisions on my direction and I can take it with me anywhere I want to go. I make real connections with people at all levels and ask them for advice.

I defined what I wanted in my career and I made it happen. I manifested it out of seemingly no where.

This has been a true act of magic in real life. And it’s been amazing.

It’s amazing to feel needed by my job.

To feel valued.

To feel important.

To feel respected.

Suddenly the idea of going to work every day from 9-to-5 doesn’t matter. I don’t care. I don’t care about wearing button down shirts. I don’t care about cubicles.

I care about my company and I care about the people I work with and I care about helping them to be as successful as possible.

There are so many triggers, so many switches that are flipped at this job. So many of my values that line up with where I’m at now.

I have a lot of clarity into what makes me happy and what makes me tick.

It’s been really a really amazing journey. I feel so in control of my own destiny at this point.

And I know it’s not the end of the journey…

I know that I’m going to go to another company at some point. I know that I’m going to transition to a full-time entrepreneur at some point.

I know that this journey is going to keep going and keep changing.

There are going to be different paths.

And it’s really amazing to me that all of that is true and is going to be true still in the future.

It’s so exciting to know that I’m really just at the beginning of this journey.

Even though I’m 38 and I have 2 kids, things will change. And that’s ok.

There are a few things that you need to do get to where I’ve gotten:

  1. Have an emotional awakening and assess where you’re at.
  2. Build on your strengths.
  3. Reinforce your weaknesses.
  4. Face and defeat your demons and master your inner monologue. You’re not a victim.
  5. Own and steer your journey.
  6. Listen to your heart and be your authentic self.
  7. Aim at the future that you want.
  8. Take decisive action toward that future.

I’ve created an ebook that tells you more about my journey and guides you through these steps so that you can start having the same fulfillment that I’m experiencing.

I want you to have an amazing life.

I don’t want you to be struggling to make money.

I don’t want you to be struggling to feel some sort of purpose in this world.

I know that you’re passionate.

I know that you care.

I know that you want to do something that matters.

And to be loved and admired.

It’s not greedy to want those things!!!

It’s human.

You are a human and you deserve to be happy in your life.

I want that for you.

I want you to have everything that your heart desires.

This book is the first step in a series of steps that will get you to where you want to go.

It will wake you up, shake you up and splash cold water on your face so you can look at your journey and look at the path you’re on.

It will help you figure out what that path looks like and where you are on that path. It will help you cut through the trees to make the path that you want.

Introducing my new ebook “Career Clarity”.
It describes my journey and includes five highly potent exercises that will reconnect you to your heart.

It will help you figure out where you want to steer your ship.

It’s like a guidance system for your career.
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30-Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee
I know that this is going to be effective for you.

And if not, I don’t want your money.

If it doesn’t help you in any way way, I actually want to give you your money back.

In fact, I demand that you ask for your money back.

If you’re not happy with this book, if it does nothing for you, ask for your money back. I’m not going to be offended. I’m here for you and I’m not going to take your money and run.

If you’re not satisfied, write to me, ask for a refund. You’ll get it within 2 business days.

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