Career Troubleshooter

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Welcome and hello!

I’m a tech nerd, so I like to formulaically find the answers I’m looking for and the science behind it. But I’m also an INFP so I appreciate the patience of creating art. I’m also a coach so I appreciate helping people find their own answers.

I hope this “tool” (or as one cranky review wrote “IT’S NOT A TOOL! TOOLS AUTOMATICALLY ASSESS YOU LIKE A SURVEY!”) combines all of those things that I appreciate to give you a quick glimpse into what could be causing you career pain.

My belief is that whatever you end up doing, it’s best to be happy now, while you’re getting there than waiting to be happy until you get to your destination. And if you can clearly see what you’re unhappy about with your current situation, you can take action to change it.

I’ve intentionally kept this simple because I’m sick of the tools (“IT’S NOT A TOOL!”) on the Internet that are 9 million pages long and I don’t have time for because I’m on my phone when I’m using them. If you’d prefer a 9 million page exercise, make sure to let me know!

Here’s how it goes: For each of the following “ideals” listed below, answer the question of how much do you get this in your current role on a scale of 1-10, where where 1=”not at all” and 10=”all the time”. Then list how important is it to you in the column next to that.

Ideals How much do you get this from your current job on a scale of 1(not at all) to 10(all the time)? How important is this to you on a scale of 1(not at all) to 10(it’s necessary)?
*A feeling of being challenged by your work
*Feeling like you’re making progress at work
*Freedom from worry that you’ll be fired
*Feeling that you have autonomy
*Having close friends at work
Having a sense of financial security
Feeling recognized for your good work
Feeling there’s room for advancement
Feeling like you’re learning and growing
Enjoying the people you work with
Enjoying the overall culture of the company
Can use creativity in your work

Go through and look for items that have higher numbers for the second importance. How do they rank in terms of whether you’re getting those things?

For instance, if I ranked “Enjoying the culture of the company” as a 10 for importance, but I ranked it a 1 in terms of actually getting that in my current job, I’d be like “BIG PROBLEM OVER HERE!!!”

So the question you need to ask yourself is “how do I increase my satisfaction in those areas that are important to me?”

I won’t go into too many details because I want this to be short and quick, but I’ll say the following:

Start local (ie with you) and expand outward. The progression would be change you->change your current job->change your career.

You can improve your own circumstances, usually through acquiring new skills and going outside of your comfort zone. Allow yourself to grow. Sometimes a conversation with your boss can bring more challenge and responsibility. It can bring more money if you prove yourself to be valuable.

Once you start working on yourself and looking inward to how you can improve your own circumstances as they are today, you can start broadening your focus to new jobs.

When you interview for a new job, you can’t be desperate for a job. Understand that they’re lucky to have you. Use your interview to interview the interviewer. Flip it. It’s as much about them finding out if they want you as it is you finding out if you want to work with them.

You want to ask them about their company. You want to dig into their culture, into what you’ll be doing and make sure you’ll be challenged. You want to try to understand personalities. Bond with the people you talk to. Be real.

And when you’re done, reflect and make sure the place and the people push the right buttons. That way, when they say yes, you’ll have an informed decision.

And that’s it.

All done!

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