Don’t Let One Person Hold Your Heart in Their Hand

I was recently in therapy and I started talking about how I’ve basically given one person control of my happiness.  That one person? My wife.  Which means if things don’t work out with her, I’m totally fucked.  In the process of marital-non-bliss that we’ve been going through, I’ve had a lot of ups and downs … Read More

I’m Not Good Enough

“I’m insignificant in this world.” That was the last drunken text I sent before realizing I was sliding down an alcohol-lubricated slope. It was what caused me to actively seek out help for my drinking. 6 years later and I’m in therapy again while my wife and I deal with some issues. My therapist and … Read More

How Anxiety is Affected by the Work Place

I used to work at I loved it because it was pure chaos (at the time I was also abusing alcohol, had un-diagnosed ADD and things there were so messy that I always had something for my idealism, perfectionism and unfocused mind to prey on). BUT, I was becoming a workaholic on top of … Read More