INFP Art Exhibit is Here!

I am so excited to unveil our new INFP Art Gallery! We currently have art from Helen Marriott (an INFP Central contributor), Carmen Medlin and Moth Moss. Have a look at their works and leave comments to let them know how awesome they are! And please, send in YOUR works so that you can be … Read More

Use Your Talents to Help Other INFPs

I just wanted to point out some updates to an older post asking for help creating content for INFP Careers. This site is something I do in my spare time. As a highly distracted INFP, I only contribute a fraction of the time and thus, end up with periods of un-updating. Which is a shame … Read More

Hello Random, Nameless Internet User

As INFPs, we need close, intimate and deep relationships in our personal life and our career. This is reinforced time and time again in our lives. As we meet people who seem to be shallow, we push them away. I intend INFP Careers to become the absolute best resource for INFPs who are looking to … Read More