INFP Career Survey

You may have noticed the new menu link for a Career Survey on this site. This is a survey that I created to collect information from those of us who love or hate our jobs. I believe it is the duty of us older INFPs to help guide younger INFPs (the majority of people visiting this site are in highschool and college trying to figure out what to do with their lives) so that they end up in careers that they are happy with.

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Ideally I’d be Perfect

My plan includes the following:

  • Win a billion dollars
  • Quit my job and travel for the rest of my life
  • Never make mistakes
  • Eat what I want and not gain weight
  • Have my house clean itself, laundry wash itself and car clean itself
  • Be a rockstar and sell platinum records
  • Live happily ever after

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Chicken Pecking at ground

Hunting and Pecking – the INFP Career Search

I took a typing class in high school.  No real burning desire to do it, but it looked interesting and I needed an elective junior year (this same thinking had me take a course in ancient Greek language in college).  We had those electronic typewriters where you could see a few words on a screen before they were typed onto the page.  For those of you a little lost by this concept, take a look at the screen on your printer – and make it much smaller.  Then plug a keyboard directly into your printer.  That’s pretty much it, save for the clack-clack of keys striking the page but you get the idea.

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The GREATEST post about INFP CAREERS in the history of EVER

Picture of man on top of mountainThis amazing post was written by Aelthwyn on Personality Cafe. I asked her if I could post it because it truly speaks to exactly what I desire in a career and my very feelings were echoed around the board.

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