How to Make Better Decisions

In my 20’s, I found myself making really bad decisions with my life. My emotions were ruling me and I couldn’t figure out why everything sucked so much. I was drinking heavily, getting together with insane women and going to work 3 hours late. I found myself eating chocolate and drinking tons of coffee to … Read More

What Would Help You Most?

I admit it, I’m sometimes clueless as to what my audience wants to see on this site. You probably stumbled upon this site while doing career research. But did you get anywhere? Have you made any real progress? Have you taken any actions toward taking charge of your life? If not, I’m not doing my … Read More

What Would You Tell Little You About Your Career?

If I could tell younger, more naive Mike anything about working with computers for a living, it would be these things: You will not just be working with computers, you’ll be working with people. You will be annoyed by people and their demands far more than you will actually code. A summary of how I … Read More