Don’t Let One Person Hold Your Heart in Their Hand

I was recently in therapy and I started talking about how I’ve basically given one person control of my happiness.  That one person? My wife.  Which means if things don’t work out with her, I’m totally fucked.  In the process of marital-non-bliss that we’ve been going through, I’ve had a lot of ups and downs … Read More

I’m Not Good Enough

“I’m insignificant in this world.” That was the last drunken text I sent before realizing I was sliding down an alcohol-lubricated slope. It was what caused me to actively seek out help for my drinking. 6 years later and I’m in therapy again while my wife and I deal with some issues. My therapist and … Read More

New INFP Survey

I was inspired by a post on reddit where someone did this insanely detailed survey and got 500 great responses from INFPs like us. So I contact that guy and asked him to give me a copy. Boom! Done. INFPCentral is a community of hundreds of email recipients and thousands of visitors every month, so … Read More

What’s Your Paralyzing Fear?

I like to think that I’ve overcome a lot of my fears by this point, but I got up to use the bathroom at 4AM and when I turned on the light, I saw an enormous beetle. I thought it was a cockroach first, which made me want to puke. But I looked it up … Read More