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Can I ask you something?

Do you ever wonder what the point of all of this all is?

I mean, we do the things we’re supposed to, right? We go to college, get a job, get married, have kids and keep working toward more – climbing the corporate ladder, buying a house, thinking we have a happy thing going on.

But secretly, way back in the back of our minds we realize this isn’t what we really wanted. We realize we’re bored, unhappy and trapped. We’re just too scared to say it out loud.

We feel like we can’t find our smiles anymore. Like joy is a distant memory.

We know, we absolutely know there’s more for us in this life.


If we did what we were supposed to and still aren’t happy, then what else could it possibly be?

Should we throw out our lives and start from scratch on an a distant island… or planet?
Scrap our careers?
Scrap our families?
God it hurts to be stuck in this whirlpool of indecision. What to do, what to do?! SO many options, so many blocks. Every direction looks like a possible way out and your hope gets so high for just a second. And then you hit a wall, your self doubt cranks up to 100 and your despair drops you lower than it was to begin with.

I was there. SO many times.

What I found the problem to be was… umm.. ME.

I created a life that wasn’t empowered. I created a life where I wasn’t ok with the role I was playing. In fact, I let life create itself for me.
I had no power in the decisions that I was pushed into making.

So many people end up turning against themselves in these situations. INFPs in particular start blaming their Myers-Briggs type for their failures in life, for their inability to thrive.

It’s really sad because the things that are actually strengths feel like weaknesses to INFPs. They resign from the world and pull into their minds.

If you’re like me, there’s a bustling, expansive Universe of ideas in your mind. There’s multitudes of projectors with multiple memories of the past and future flashing across the screens at once. When one person hears a simple comment like “how are you,” you have the 20 different parts of your being speaking up. Your mind overloads with the input and you squeak out a “fine.”

And that world is way more familiar to you than the external world at some point. And far more rewarding.

For me, coaching is one of the most powerful tools available for INFPs.

Coaching is a way to look at what you’re not satisfied with in the real world and start changing it. Taking those internal feelings and bringing them outside so you can feel a real sense of empowerment and responsibility for your life.

I love looking at purpose and passion with clients.

What would your future look like if you had a sense of purpose? What would it look like if you lived life with passion?

Let’s blow the doors off of this thing. Let’s absolutely crush it.

Let’s look at the possibility in your life and create a world where you thrive and wake up every day saying “Hell fucking YES! I can’t believe I get to live this life!!! I created this!”

This kind of movement is huge.

Creating possibility in your life where there was none before opens up doors that are unreal. Feeling like you’re living an empowered life, making the most of every second is truly mindblowing. It’s self-inspirational and self-sustaining.

Listen, you only get one life and you truly deserve to enjoy it. You’re not a cog in a machine. You were meant for more than that.

Take action to make it your own.

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