SF INFPs: Do Something Generous!

I’m the CIO of a great non-profit called Generosity Street, that my friend in San Francisco put together. It’s based on the concept of a gift economy and allows people to volunteer their services and request help from others. The entire point is to do it for free. No expectation of rewards, payment or pay back of any sort. Just the feeling of doing something good for someone.

We originally tried to launch it across the U.S., since I’m in New York, but it was too hard keep multiple regions in focus. So it was scaled back to SF.

There are frequent events called Skill Shares, where a number of awesome presenters come and show you how to do things like yoga or crafts or whatever. There is also a raffle, a swap table and food. And the best part, it’s free!

The next Skill Share is coming up January 25 and I thought INFPs would be a great group to tell about it since we love helping people. It will be a great experience and a great way to meet like-minded people, as well as something that I think is essential for INFPs –  focusing on your higher purpose. You can also reach out and volunteer to help with the event itself!

Click here to learn more about the skill share.

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