Famous Real Life INFPs

Real Life INFPs

Following is a List of Real Life INFPs. Kinda makes me wonder how the hell these people survive in the public eye when I can barely deal with having txo talk to my boss everyday! When you’re done here, check out the list of famous fictional INFPs.

A. A. Milne – author (Winnie the Pooh)
Albert Schweitzer – theologian, musician, physician
Aldous Huxley – English author
Amy Tan – author (The Joy-Luck Club)
Annie Dillard – author (Pilgrim at Tinker Creek)
Audrey Hepburn – actress (Breakfast at Tiffany’s)
Dick Clark – television personality
Donna Reed – actress
Fred Rogers – Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood
Fred Savage – actor (The Wonder Years)
George Orwell – author, journalist
Helen Keller – deaf/blind author, activist, lecturer
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow – American poet
Isabel Briggs Myers – psychological theorist
J. R. R. Tolkien – writer (Lord of the Rings)
James Herriot – veterinary surgeon, writer
James Taylor – singer-songwriter, guitarist
John – Disciple of Jesus
John F. Kennedy, Jr. – lawyer, journalist, publisher
Johnny Depp – Actor
Kurt Cobain – Singer, songwriter
Laura Ingalls Wilder – author (Little House on the Prairie)
Lisa Kudrow – actress (“Phoebe” on Friends)
Luke – physician, author
Mary – Mother of Jesus
Mia Farrow – actress
Neil Diamond – musician
Peter Jackson – filmmaker (Lord of the Rings
Princess Diana – Princess of Wales
Scott Bakula – actor (Start Trek Enterprise)
Tom Brokaw – television journalist
Virgil – ancient Roman poet
William Shakespeare – English poet and playwright


12 thoughts on “Famous Real Life INFPs”

  1. Reading about about being and infp has really helped me understand myself. For a while i thought i was depressed because i could never find motivation and i had deep thoughts. Now i understand that it is just apart of who i am. Also before seeing a list of famous infps i thought that i meant i was doomed to be a sad and unlikeable person for my negative thoughts. seeing that audrey Hepburn and princesss dianna were infps makes me feel alot better. They were 2 of the most loved people in the world. Im so glad i decided to look into this a little more it is so helpful in understanding myself

    • HA! That’s such a funny question. I don’t know how it’s “known”. I’ve collected this list from various sources. No one knows for sure that Mary and John were INFPs because they didn’t take a personality test, but we can make educated guesses based on what we know about them. That’s how we figure out that all of those other historical figures (or even fictional INFPs) are INFPs; people like Shakespeare and Helen Keller.

      • I was wondering the same question. I get John. We can gather from his writing style but I wonder how we would have enough information about Mary. I admit, it would be amazing to be convinced of it. 😊

  2. thanks so much for creating this website. I finally know why I went through some misery while growing up. I remember that I was in a great dilemma of wanting to achieve good grades but not wanting to be noticed in college. I even thought to myself maybe I shouldn’t study that hard but at the same time I hated to be less than ideal. I absolutely hate dealing with people and selling products that I am not interested in. Now I know it’s just the way I am. I am an INFP!!!


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