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I hear from a lot kids in high school that they’re afraid to pick something that they’ll love for the rest of their lives.

I think there’s a lot to think about and it can be a really difficult time. Do you do what you you’re interested in? What makes money? What your parents want? Or do you try to do something that you’ll be naturally suited to do (which might not be very lucrative)?

The more I read from people like you, the more I understand what the common problems are and I can start sending specific advice to help you get through it.

Let me know what your biggest problem is with thinking about college majorsĀ in the comments below. You can keep it annoymous, list your first name or make up a first name if you feel weird about including your name. No one will know it’s you. And I’m the only one who will see your email (and of course I never give them away, sell them or any of that junk).


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  1. I am about half way done with high school, yet I am not sure what job would suit me and make me happy. I am not even sure of what I’m really good at, to be honest. I plan on serving in the military, and have a military career for a few years. After the military I want to use the G.I. bill to go to collage and possibly get a different career. My point is that I have a plan but I don’t know what job or career I should go with. I would love to get some advice on finding what my skills are and figuring out what kind of job would make me happy. You know, a push in the right direction. Thanks for reading this!


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