Little Miracles

Today I looked at the app on my phone and saw my bus was already at my stop two blocks away. I was still in my apartment. 

I needed to be in Manhattan at 6:30 or I’d likely miss my train to Connecticut (not good since I’m going for work and have meetings scheduled). 

I rechecked my options. Google told me I could be there at 6:50, 5 minutes before my train departed. Not going to work. 
“Hunt the fucking bus down. Go. NOW!” I heard from deep within (my inner wisdom has much a pirate-like vulgarity as I do).

I turned off the lights, grabbed my coat and bag and ran down the street, sprinting, not yet seeing the bus leaving. 

“Get it.”


“Don’t give up.”

My internal coach was kicking ass and was determined to see me intercept the bus.

A half block away and I saw the bus at the red light. If I stood even a partial chance, I had to get it while it was still stuck at the light.

I got to the corner and had to stop running because the light was changing and I didn’t want to get hit. It seemed his light was turning green. 

I stopped to catch my breath and made sure my back injury wasn’t made worse by this unplanned sprint.

As I was panting I noticed the bus driver looking at me. I waved to him. Normal bus drivers would look away and leave me there but he waved me over. His light wasn’t green, it was still red. 

And he saved my day.

This, in my mind, is a miracle. The bus was already at the stop and I wasn’t even ready or out of my apartment. And somehow I made it happen. 

I thought it would be cool to share this bit of positivity and ask you. What little miracles have happened in your life? Share your experiences in the comments.

2 thoughts on “Little Miracles”

  1. My little miracle.
    I have been studying EFT tapping since ’95 and have recently gotten my 2nd level practitioner certification.
    My favorite part of this is I can really help people. My favorite real life story was about a 45 minute tapping session I had on my chat program. A gentleman I met on chat that day had an issue about missing his wife who died tragically years earlier. We worked with.. Even though I have this pain. This pain. We went through two or three rounds of this pain, then we moved to this remaining pain for about five rounds. Total time about 45 minutes. Results: The pain moved from a 10 plus on the pain scale to about a 2, he was tremendously relieved, and he felt he could finally move on. To me, helping people heal and transform themselves, ultimately transforming the world and making it a better place to live, these are miracles, both great and small.
    Blessings All, and healing thoughts.


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