INFP Careers is looking for Talented Writers

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Hey! You’re an INFP. You’re a creative type, right? You spend lots of time thinking about what makes you different right? Do you like to write?

I need lots of help coming up with helpful content for INFPs who are seeking the perfect career. Can you do any of these:

  • Provide valuable insight to INFPs who are confused about what they should be doing
  • Write blog content that can inspire great discussions in the comments section
  • Track down and interview successful/famous INFPs
  • Create interactive surveys to figure out why the hell we are who we are
  • Create polls

This is not a paid gig. But we do get around 2000 visits per month so maybe you can glean a bit of fame from it 🙂

Updated: 8/1/2011

2 thoughts on “INFP Careers is looking for Talented Writers”

  1. Cool article, I’m an INFP so sign me up! One detail about INFPs: we love to ramble. There are fewer things more enjoyable at times for me than turning a conversation with someone else into an introspective and reflective monologue where their participation in the conversation becomes an irrelevant factor. Spending time in your own imaginary world is also quite enjoyable.

    • Hi Christopski!
      Thanks for your comment. The best way to get started is to sign up for a contributor account. Then write some content and submit. I’ll check it out, review it and give any necessary feedback, make necessary changes and decide on a publication date.

      If you have any questions about what to wriite or anything else, send me an email and I’ll get back to you soon.


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