Use Your Talents to Help Other INFPs

I just wanted to point out some updates to an older post asking for help creating content for INFP Careers. This site is something I do in my spare time. As a highly distracted INFP, I only contribute a fraction of the time and thus, end up with periods of un-updating. Which is a shame because so many of us are simply lost in the world. So if you have anything to contribute, please contact me.

1 thought on “Use Your Talents to Help Other INFPs”

  1. Work place a-ticks manual.
    (A system check point manual that covers areas for sustainable living for an INFP when at work or even of-work? what an INFP should be doing and what are possible hazards)

    How not to be taken for a ride by the distress damsel
    (No more giving into osb story, hero acts, relationship mess, emotional blackmail, #@$#$#@$, why are people so complicated)

    Stop. Your last bite was yesterday
    (Ending addictive trends, keeping impulses on check. Could be a lifetime project. may end up losing INFPness)


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