Hey There INFP! Feeling a Little Lost?

Picture of crossroadsI found this great blog post from Corin at infpBlog.com. It’s called Figuring Out What You Should Be Doing. The premise is based on Jim Collins’ book Good to Great. It’s something that caught my eye because I’ve read the book a couple of times. It was given to the IT department at my last company and it helped motivate me when my energy was dangerously low(which reminds me, I should pick it up nowish).

Ultimately, the post focuses on one concept from the book – the “Hedgehog Concept”. The Hedgehog Concept says that a company must DO something that fulfills all of the following criteria:

  1. Something they’re deeply passionate about.
  2. Something that they can be great at(what they can be the best in the world at).
  3. Something that drives their economic engine(paraphrased in Corin’s post as “something that drives your happiness engine).

Click here to see Jim Collins explain it himself.

Corin’s post takes this concept and applies it to the life of an INFP. In order to do what we SHOULD be doing, we need to find something that fulfills all 3 criteria. Are you going to find it today? No. Tomorrow? Nope. It may take years to find, but this concept should give you a framework to know what you’re looking for. Give it a read. It’s a good one!


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