I Liked my What?

This is funny. I wrote this about my former job and never posted it. I’m posting it now because I convinced myself that my last job was the worst and I want to remind myself that there were good times too. I also think there are some nuggets of wisdom to be harvested…

Life is funny. The very job I work at now is the reason I started this site. I HATED it for my first year. I KNEW I was in the wrong career. But after the first year, thing started getting better. I started realizing that I had very little stress, I was able to leave work at work, I was being trusted with more and more responsibilities and I had a pretty decent amount of autonomy. Right now, I like my job. I may even love it!

It’s funny because for that first year, I was slacking a lot. I wasn’t getting a lot of attention and I tended to use that lack of attention as a reason to do what I wanted. So I felt like I had no purpose. But I did some small projects in that time and I did them well – to my high standards. And it turns out, they liked that about me. I took my time, I did a good job and I spoke up when something was disagreeable with me.

During that first year, I was ready to quit. I was so mad at this wasting of time. At the same time, there was a voice in me telling me to be patient and that I hadn’t learned everything I needed to at this job. But I ignored it at that time and tried to find new jobs and do whatever I wanted.

The moral of he story is
1 Listen to your inner voice. Those negative thoughts are not your inner voice. You need to listen to the wise, fatherly voice that gives good advice not the one who says “f**k this job!”
2 Be patient.
3 Every job is a learning experience. Harvest the fruits and in a few years you’ll be rich.

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  1. So what is your last job? It is great to have a career center for infpers. You know idealists like our type are so disastrous in career paths.. I’m one of the strugglers and am struggling till now with a bachelor degree in marketing, a year and a half work experience as a cultural journalist, a master degree in anthropology, a certificate in script writing, a three months work experience as a planning editor in a pictorial magazine.. I’ve graduated for five years while end up with nothing but so many gap years.. Really confusing


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