Video: I was afraid to email my list

This is a video I made after scheduling an email to send to my list for the first time in a long time.

In it, I discuss how I was eating sugar because of these underlying childhood feelings that I have and how that’s prevented me from emailing my list as it’s grown.

I also discuss how some of this is from criticisms that I’ve received in the past and how I need to persevere and still exist despite those criticisms.

Does this resonate with you at all? Let me know in the comments.

2 thoughts on “Video: I was afraid to email my list”

  1. Mike, I’ve been a subscriber for about 7 months. I’m in a career transition. I’ve had roles of responsibility and lots of resume achievements, and recently found myself out of work. In doing deeper research into the MBTI four polarities, I found that while my tests had usually run I or E (on the line), N, T, and P or J, depending on the outside requirements, I was aware now that many of my decisions and persistent behaviors were feeling-driven and that the way I managed my work (spurts based one energy and not based on a internal need for a deadline) were more P. [Hope the very long sentence didn’t derail you]. In short, I found I had to understand my current state more as an INFP. So your emails and this video have been both comforting and helpful. So, keep up the good work, and I’d encourage you to think about how often fiction authors are INFPs. They have a singular vision and if the communicate that accurately, it is memorable, but there is no fiction author which is universally loved (and many classic works, like Moby Dick, have long sections which many people hate). The recent movie of Steven King’s IT was an opportunity for the Internet to discuss what wasn’t in the movie, including sections which are descriptive or just unsavory. Steven King, despite his real writing skill, got dismissed for years, got pasted, and we will too, even though those detractors are the minority voices or just self-proclaimed experts.
    There’s a lot good in your video, and two things especially stood out. The first was your self-awareness about sugar and self-medication. Since sugar gives a rush and afterwards a energy trough, I wonder if it doesn’t chemically make worse some of the emotional ups and downs are trying to understand and channel productively. It makes it think more about my own use of sugar for emotion-control and whether it isn’t just not sidetracking but really self-destructive. So, thanks very much for sharing your thoughts. The other was that, as you were filming, you seemed whimsical and a little unsure (echoing your observation that we are living with a child running the show). As you came to the end and you declared that you were posting and you could sense the video ending, you become more sure of yourself and your face brightens and you look more pleased with yourself. Most times, I am not a fan of self-videos, but you putting yourself our there with this was really helpful. I also feel better once the creative product is out there, regardless of my sense of its quality. I have a blog and the fears of posting are real, but I have a real sense after posting that some emotional moment has passed and feel relieved and affirmed. Maybe we don’t really need to be approved although we FEEL disapproval sharply; we are healed when we share our vision and ideas and creations because that gets us utilizing our emotional capacity for others’ benefit and liberates us as well. Thanks so much for the video and your blog.

  2. love your blog, keep up the awesome work. I relate so much to what you say and it’s so refreshing to see a fellow INFP putting themselves out there…
    You are brave 😊


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