If You Want Ultimate Freedom and Unlimited Cash…

Working. It frequently makes me feel like I’m dead. And not just like a walking zombie, but in my cells, in my bones and in my soul.

There’s one major thing that helps me. It’s something that gives me an outlet, something that gives me hope, something that gives me unlimited possibilities and remove the boundaries that everyone else tries to put in place.

It’s something that I’ve been learning about for years and won’t master for years to come. It’s something that pulls out my passion and forces me to push myself out of my comfort zone.

It’s something that helps me turn my job into free training. And it’s something that we probably think of as boring.


Ok, it’s business. You’ve just felt that feeling of being let down, haven’t you? Stay with me INFP. Let me explain.

The very thing we tend to think of as boring and associate with suits and ties and cubicles is quite the opposite.

Owning a business is how you turn your love of music or art or people into money. It’s how you constantly learn. It’s how you gain the freedom to do what you want. And there are no limits. You decide what you want to do and you go for it. When it doesn’t work, you come up with a new idea.

There was a point when I was completely broke. In a desperate move, I signed up for some “free money machine formula” on the Internet. I spent countless dollars (it was “free” but all of the services were not”) and made no sales, but I learned about Internet marketing at that point. The fire was set. The goal to work from home via the Internet was forged.

I have attempted many ventures and failed most of them. But each of those failures taught me something. I saw where I was deficient and started working to strengthen that part of myself.

And finally, the key was meeting my wife. She started a catering company and through my many years of business research I saw where she needed help.

We still run it and it proves to be a nice source of extra cash. I come up with a lot of ideas, but she helps me get back to earth and stay focused (to a degree, my mind is like a hurricane). When I come up with truly crazy ideas, she is quick to shoot them down. And honestly it doesn’t feel good when that happens, but that just forces me to come up with a better idea or to get my thoughts together before I voice them. I’d much rather hear about it from her than to be shot down by my boss at work.

I’ve come to realize that my missing ingredient all of those years was someone I trusted who would shoot down some of my really crazy ideas, yet let me get my head up in the clouds so I can also come up with brilliant ideas.

Having a business provides me endless possibilities and million of avenues for learning. I have to create close relationships, learn about marketing, psychology and money. And when I start hating my day job, I realize that if I get in with the right people, I can actually see how they run a successful business. Likewise, I find myself realizing things like “this is why bosses care so much about budget and don’t want to let me run with my ideas.”

Having a business gives me hope, it gives me knowledge, it gives me an outlet and it gives me money. It’s hard work, but it’s something I’m passionate about and it’s rare for me to find something I’m truly passionate about doing.

As INFPs, I truly believe we are meant to be business owners and entrepreneurs. We have a lot of fears and difficulties that we need to get over. We can and will fail and that’s a scary enough thing. But we have to be persistent in trying and we need to surround ourselves with the right people who will keep us from getting too close to the sun.

So, are you ready to start your small business or am I way off here? Let me know in the comments!

4 thoughts on “If You Want Ultimate Freedom and Unlimited Cash…”

  1. Absolutely on the right track! 😀
    My family and I run a small bakery/coffee shoppe/soon-to-be bookshoppe.
    I couldn’t ask for better people to work with! We all function in similar but VASTLY different ways- it’s perfect.

    Although I still fantasize about holding a knight/sailor/Tarzan/Bond sort of job, I find that taking on multiple jobs to be exhilarating.. although at times a little daunting.
    The family business is my first loyalty- and it is AWESOME! However, we live in a rural area, so we have to shut down late autumn due to lack of business. Works out perfect, really: I was a late bloomer in pursuing education, so I am able to tackle the books wholeheartedly during the winter through early Spring.

    Other jobs include working as a local volunteer firefighter, house-sitting/pet care, and working in a office job (*gasp*! I know, who would have thought that I would actually enjoy it???) through the local university as an office assistant.
    Firefighting and EMT work is extremely sporadic in a little local community and extremely rewarding- you get to actually physically be a part of making a difference- and it unfolds right there before your eyes- every day miracles!

    Family is FIRST, and in a household full of Tolkein fans, life is NEVER boring. I find comfort, awesome food, and I am able to support my family= happiness!

    The office assistant job involves a lot of computer work… but I am constantly learning- major perk! Plus, I am given a lot of odd tasks, like picking up professors at the airport, checking them in, ‘observing’ classes (glass mosaic, digital photography, and nautical training? Somebody SAVE me from this awful place! *grin*), and running odd-jobs from my boss, or discovering answers for random questions from students.

    Last, but certainly not least, is the odd house-sitting/pet care job. I have been doing this since I was seven or so… I love animals, and getting the excuse that I “have to go, because I have to walk the dog” is priceless. Plus, change of scene always helps to place my mind in a new perspective.

    Money-wise, this is not the best plan to follow. I would suggest going full-time for the office job. Happiness and adventure-wise though? Worth its weight in gold!

    So, long story short, I totally agree with you!
    Don’t limit yourselves, INFPs, to what you can and can not do. Take a few bites, and discover! Business just might be your forte. 😉

  2. Great post. Could not have come at a better time, as I contemplate applying for jobs again or continuing on my own even with money challenges. What you write makes perfect sense, thank you.

    • I fully agree. I have an art business and I LOVE it. I would never, ever go back to working for someone else unless I absolutely had to. It’s taken me years to build the business and it is very important to me.

      • Wonderful!! I am very pleased to read about INFP just like me. I am really wonder how to enjoy working, this passionate energy in daily work. It would be very nice to receive some tips how to do the transiction from a formal job in a big company to this new passionate work life …


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