What to do When You F*cking. Hate. Your. Career!

I have “f*cking hated” my job(s) more times than I care to admit. This was especially true after the birth of each of my sons, when I wanted to be home helping my wife and holding their tiny bodies.

It was also true when I had the most boring job in the world where I found myself becoming a person I didn’t actually like.

And it becomes true every time I get a new business idea and decide that the idea is far more important and fulfilling than my actual career.

Take a deep breath. No, really.
If you’re going to survive this job without an ulcer, you need to take a step back and take a deep breath. Or 20.

Unfortunately, you are dependent upon your job. You need the money and they don’t pay you to slack off and fantasize about business ideas all day long. The longer you slack off, the higher the chance they’ll notice and the better the chance you’ll get kicked to the curb.

When you start talking about “hating” things and what you “want” or supposedly “need”, that’s not you. That’s your ego and you need to deflate that fucker fast! The easiest way to do that is to take some deep breaths. Center yourself. Understand that your job needs to come first while you’re at work (if you can get your work done in half the time, I’ll give you the rest of the day to slack off).

Next, Make a Choice
What are you going to do about this shitty job you’re stuck in? You’re a smart guy (or girl), you’re educated and you don’t particularly like being miserable every day, do you? You have to make a decision here. You can start looking for a new job or you can decide to change careers.

If you’ve only been at one job in your field or you’ve been doing the same job for more than 3 years, you should consider looking for a new job. Quitting is terrifying and liberating at the same time, but it’s also easier than switching careers.

Is this the Right Career for You?
There comes a time when you realize you don’t hate your f*cking Job, you hate your f*cking CAREER! And that is a bigger problem for people who need their income and work in high-paying industries.

I went to work one day and said “I f*cking HATE I.T.(my field)!!!” And that was it. I launched this site and started searching and trying to figure out what the hell I could do with my life.

“How do you escape?”
“How can you match the salary?”
“How can you get paid well without taking on so much stress?”
“Do I really have to go back to school??”

So many questions! I went into this productivity coma while day dreaming and researching, but ultimately I felt completely trapped.

At the same time, my wife started a catering company. I saw that she struggled with the basics like web design, marketing and keeping the books so I started helping. I found myself completely consumed in it. I found a passion!

The only problem was that I wanted to control the company. I wanted to come up with the vision, optimize the way we did things and think about the long term strategies.

My wife just wanted to use it as a platform to getting a job cooking professionally and wouldn’t give up any control to me. But it served a purpose for both of us. It got her into a kitchen and made me realize what I want to do:

“I want to be an entrepreneur who helps people create businesses and blow past the subconscious limitations that keep them from success.”

It took me many months to fully realize that and put it into words, but once I found it, I found meaning, I found hope and I believe that I found a way out of Corporate Hell.

2 thoughts on “What to do When You F*cking. Hate. Your. Career!”

  1. I most definitely absolutely F*cking HATE my chosen career. I could have written what you wrote with the exception that you found something you like.

    As an INFP, what I do has had to have meaning in my life so I became a social worker to help peeps who need it. Over 10 years later, I am a burn out and highly annoyed with humanity, in general.

    I entertain myself with thoughts of living off the grid and living off the land so I don’t have to deal with anyone.

    Just wanted to rant as an INFP to other INFPs who also might F*CKING HATE their chosen career 🙂

    • Toni,
      Take a break! Seriously, try a season in Alaska. There are ALWAYS jobs available in rural Alaska, especially during the summer due to the fishing season (canneries, commercial fishing, cooks, waiters, grocery baggers, road repair, vet assistants, nurse assistants, fishing guides, pilots, etc.)
      You can get your fix of trying a taste of a little wilderness/wildness and still get a bit of an income… and then check out the land for your future taste of camping under the sun that never sets.
      Best of luck to you!


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