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A guy named Dimitri just commented on The GREATEST post about INFP CAREERS in the history of EVER. He’s interested in exchanging resources and sounds to be all about doing, rather than talking, dwelling and getting depressed. This is the way we need to think. This is the way we need to be, INFPS! Feel his enthusiasm and share your resources in the comment section.

Guys, I think we need to put some resources together, as to how we can help each other, from posts to links to articles to books, to some words of inspirations, as it seems that even if we know that we are INFP it does not help in resolving the “dilemma” as stated above. Sometimes knowing something is just the beginning. We all have something in common, and then we all have our own paths and lifestyles, and cultures, and even languages. This article also outlines a lot of what I am going through or how I feel inside, but its nothing new to me, in a sense of finding the “right balance”. We all can write, and imagine, and encourage and see the world more positive and give ourselves for projects and ideas and values.. But we could also criticize and analyze, and work with content better then others can. Let’s start at least some way to share what we are reading and some comments on that, and what is a life situation and where we need some encouragement, and sense of direction. Where can we start?

I am reading: How to make Ideas Happen by Scott Belsky.

Making Ideas Happen: Overcoming the Obstacles Between Vision and Reality

I think its 100% about us.

He has a few websites for Creative Minds.
Scott Belsky

( I am not associated with this site )

There are other books and articles one could read.

Such as on the subject of “Peter Pan Syndrome” which can get you into Depth Psychology.

For me, throughout the years I’ve found that “some day” I might want to become or have: A music producer, a Jungian Analyst, an Advertising Agency, a Life Coach, a Business Improvement Center, and so on..

If anybody is interested in continuing these conversation, we should do it more often, and have some chats, and even meetings.

There is

Now, Dimitri shared his thoughts. It’s time for you to share yours. Comment below! Only leave empowering links that will help us harness the power of our genius!

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  1. I am ready to start an INFP meetup group in Portland Oregon, but would like to gauge the interest before coughing up the $20. Any suggestions?

  2. I also recently read Quiet and determined I was “I” vs a much earlier and ignored diagnosis of ENFP. GREAT, GREAT BOOK AND VERY HELPFUL! Thanks for the other recos!

  3. Hi,
    I’ve recently finished ‘Quiet. the power of introverts in a world that can’t stop talking.’ Susan Cain, the author, also did a TED talk where I first heard of her – check that out, too. It really is the book that first gave me a “diagnosis” of my problem, of why I feel so out of step with the world that seems more interested in following more and more regulations/rules/guidelines, or not seeing what to me seems like the obvious need to do something different, getting caught up with status rather than meaning…
    But the book also suggests that an extravert ideal, which the author feels that we currently have as a cultural norm (both US, and EU) is a cultural phenomena, and therefore not inevitable nor permanent – with the rise of China and other Asian cultures there may be a change to a less showy, loud and superficial modus.

  4. Clarissa, “Introvert Advantage” is a great book. I also like “Introvert Power” by Laurie Helgoe. Also, I haven’t read her book yet, but the blog for Nancy Ancowitz is great and she concentrates on self-promotion for introverts in your career.

    Oh, and I loved “Do What You Are”, a lot of my favorite career bloggers love that book, too.

    I just have to say, I’m so glad I’m not the only INFP so confused about career. I change my mind a lot. I’m now at the point where I don’t know what to do because I don’t want to keep spending the money to go back to school to re-train each time. What’s funny is that, each time I’ve gone back to school (got my original BA in French, then went back at first for Diagnostic Sonography and then left because i hated clinicals and went back again for massage therapy), these are all careers that are real possibilities for INFP’s and I hadn’t even taken the MBTI yet to know that I was one. They key, I’ve since learned, is that something was off for me with each of these and it’s important to really research careers and do informational interviews before you dive right in. I now work as a Career Advisor for a school with both online and ground campuses. Even this job is listed for INFP’s. But, I’m not happy and I’m trying to figure out if its the career or just where I work, which is…well, that’s whole long discussion and this was only supposed to be a comment. 😉


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