Saving the World: the True Meaning of INFP

photo credit: DoctorTongs via photopin cc
photo credit: DoctorTongs via photopin cc

We are the INFP, the super sensitive.

We can hear what others can’t hear. We can see what others can’t see. We can feel what others can’t – or won’t – feel!

We are the happiness seekers, truth tellers and listeners. We dig through the dirt of our minds, battle our skeletons and toil in our emotions so that eventually, we have a million lifetimes worth of knowledge, a connection to our souls and hearts so deep that others can’t compare.

And so we eventually take that knowledge, spin it around and learn how to convey our findings to the rest of the world so that we can prevent the decay and downfall of our fellow man.

And dammit, it doesn’t come without it’s burdens! We experience the pain of depression, the agony of self-doubt and that ever present feeling of being totally and completely stuck – shackled to a world that we don’t understand and that doesn’t seem to understand us either!

We fight that world, we fight with our egos and we say:

“God dammit, the world doesn’t seem to care about me, why should I care about it?!?”

Because we simply have to. That is infused in our souls. We can be as negative, as cranky or as pained as we want.

Our egos can make us do crazy shit like drugs, drink our minds into quiet states and pretend we don’t care.

But we do. We really do. Now more than ever. And we always will.

Let’s find ways to make the world a better place for everyone and fight our inner critics. Let’s tell the inner critics to go to hell and speak up anyway. Let’s show the world what we see. Let’s show them the potential of the world around us. Let’s show them a perfect world and get them to help us create it!

Are you with me? Comment below and let me know!

17 thoughts on “Saving the World: the True Meaning of INFP”

  1. Great motivation Mike!

    If good aliens would have existed,
    they would likely be more like us.

    Without true idealism the world has no hope. Humans would not be humans but animals, not that it’s bad, but certainly not our porpuse as a species. We are better than this.
    The nature didn’t create us for no reason. It is impossible to create so much selflessness, empathy, depth & wisdom for nothing. This mystical feeling is the pure truth despite living only in my consciousness.

    We are pure love.

  2. “I’m with you!”

    It reminded me on time when I was a boy and all the rude people trying to destroy my spirit and they almost succeded. It is like I’m waking up from long sleep stronger than ever before.

    Thank you Mike, I’m with with you.

  3. Great post Mike……I relate

    For years I escaped into imagination, fantasy, computer games or some seemingly healthy obsession, hid the pain of unhappiness even from myself. Now in an awakened state and letting myself feel including happiness and sadness I believe that that is what life is about for me. I must feel. To suppress feeling is to be dead. I’m breaking out of the stuckness…slowly, the overwhelm….almost there and what I want most is for the world to feel, to really feel and process the pain, find the gifts in the shadow, heal and experience real joy.

    Hug your inner critic, love your inner critic unconditionally and accept that part of yourself even though it doesn’t have a clue what it is talking about.

  4. Excellent conversion of the metaphysical into words. I give you a quick example of INFP intuition, feeling, and perceiving to work. I am a nurse who aspire to be a holistic family nurse practitioner. I had an off the wall new admission. With all the drama, he asked me if anyone ever tried to break the hospital’s windows. I explained that my law, the hospital windows are unbreakable for various reasons. When the nursing supervisor came, I asked her to watch my patient because I thought he was going to try to commit suicide. Of course, as usual, she gave me dumb looks. I left the room to talk to the doctor and tell her what I observed and that I thought he was suicidal. I told her that this was his first semester away from home and that he has an engineering major. It was finals week. I told her that I did not want to give the medicine prescribed by the ER doctor because I didn’t see any indications for it and it would increased his explosive behavior. As we walked back to the patient’s room, I heard that he did attempt to break the window in order to jump out. It was a cry for help. Later, when I was able to have some alone time with him, simply stated that this was my first semester in grad school and it was difficult. I also mentioned that my father passed away my first semester in nursing school during finals. By professors helped me by giving me an extension and offered to give me incompletes for work missed. I was able to take the exams a few days later and here I am 16 years later.

    This is an INFP skill. Of course, I didn’t get any respect or acknowledgement from my supervisors; it was quite the contrary. I can relate so many cases like this. Of course, this skill is highly unappreciated by others.

  5. We INFPs have the ability to drag others into our crazy world. What we have is just so contagious! We have a depth and passion that we may keep sheltered but ultimately is uncontainable and leaks out and touches those around us. What a gift!

  6. Senses, sensitive, senselessness, inquisitive, curious, analytical, rational, irrational, realistic, unrealistic, concrete, factual, thoughts, dreams, hope, wanting to give up, taking it a day at a time, relying on God, asking why, helping others, caring, frustrated, hurt, devastated, underrated, underestimated, Mike thanks, I agree with this post, maybe INFP’s see the world through both the microscope and the telescope and convey their findings to communicate their insights to others so that all involved can cope better, answer deeper meanings, and to ultimately help “save the world”.

    To illustrate this need to extract meaning from relatively mundane life and give a fraction of motivation to others, recently, one thing that helps me, though it is a double edged sword, so to speak, is thinking that this current human world will never be satisfying, and that there will always be something missing, an undefined craving the does not diminish, even though we may try to fight the never ending empty part of life with unhealthy stuff or even temporary good stuff. This irritating lack is not to be blamed on anyone, not even ourselves, as it is a condition of life. The truly consoling treasure is that I have faith that Heaven will fill this void forever, happiness will prevail and those in the world can ultimately be saved.

  7. Hey! Are you doing something to make the situation better? Do you have any plans? Email me if you had something in your mind. Thanks for the post

  8. We always want to live in the ultimate of our dreams. And when we get there and living confortably there, people want to know how we got there and start doubting, which confuses us. We have difficulty explaining it when we have bypassed the process. We have only excluded the unnecessary. We can live in the process when the experience of the goal is present.

  9. This post gives me some serious feels, and I love how it seems that we have the super power of empathy, and how no matter how low we may be, here there are so many others….

  10. Mike, I have felt the same things this post talks about, having dreams of changing and improving the world and other people. Over the years, I’ve found it tempered by working on practical changes and finding limitations in others and in reality that I have come to expect and respect. Deep inside the dreams still abide and influence me every day, helping me grow. I’m just not sure they will ever become real, ever see the light of day. Even less do I expect that others will recognize their value and worth and help make them real – though that would be wonderful. I just let them live inside of me and they sustain me as I go through my days and work toward my goals as well as I can.

  11. Are you spying on me Mike?
    Once again, your post strikes very close to home for me, when I find myself at a very critical moment in my life. I never was ambitious enough to want to change the world, I did always try my best to give anyone who confided in me a dose of positivity and the knowledge that there is at least one person in this world who accepts them as they are, finds value in the person despite their flaws.
    Isn’t that what we are all looking for when we come online and join all these various forums? We take the online quiz, we accept the label it churns out for us and join the group’s of like-labeled individuals all in the hope of finding acceptance in who we are? Maybe not.
    I’ll admit it’s why I join and I have a terrible habit of interpreting the actions of others based on my own motivations. Is this a flaw other INFP’ s suffer? Refusing to see the bad in people and in their intentions, leaving themselves open to be hurt by whatever psychopath happens to walk by?
    I feel I have gotten off topic and for this, I apologize, but it finally brings me to my point. We DO care, you are so absolutely right, Mike. We care and will continue to care even when we shouldn’t, and that is not a flaw. Never let the less enlightened trick you into believing that your ability to care and love the unlovable is a flaw.
    It is a strength.
    Its a strength that leaves me weakened and drained, and wondering what the #!*¿ just hit me (did someone get the license plate # on that truck?) but it IS a strength. One that not many people can handle in themselves and they opt to delete it from their list of character traits. As an INFP, we are not afforded the option of deleting our empathy. Trust me, I’ve Googled it.


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