Short Article on Focusing

I saw this article float past me on Twitter and it reminded me of the article I’ve been meaning to write for INFPs for about a year now on focusing. It’s meant for Moms who are entrepreneurs, but it works really well for INFPs too (did you know that INFPs make great entrepreneurs?!?)

Momentum Monday: Wish You Could Hit the Pause Button? Why You Need to Focus on One Step at a Time 

We live in our brains so much that we frequently open our minds to the infinite possibility of life. We tend to look forward to the end goal which overwhelms us to the point that we freeze in our tracks. Sometimes, you have to reel it in and focus on the here and now.

Yes, being creative geniuses has its benefits. But if we don’t make ourselves focus on the ideas that matter, life will pass us by. Our genius will be forever lost when we are on our death beds at 80 years old and we have nothing to show for our lives except for a whole lot of “ideas” that we never did anything with. Not the way to live.

Check out the steps in the article and practice them daily.


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