I Have to Admit Something to You…

I know a lot of you have been reading this blog for a while and I appreciate the readership. But it turns out, I’m actually not an INFP. In fact, I’m not an introvert at all. It turns out, I’m actually an ESFJ. And by “it turns out,” I mean “I’ve actually been lying this entire time. ”

I started this site as an experiment to understand INFPs because my mother was an INFP and she was a bit weird. She used to raise snakes in our bathtub. I thought this site would help me understand her better, but I have to admit, after all the years, I can only say INFPs are 100%, Certifiably WEIRD!

I mean, I don’t get you people at all! What planet do you even come from?!? A reader of this site sent me a picture of her riding a giraffe naked with a tarantula on her head! Was that a pick up attempt? Art? What? I don’t get it!!!

So this is a failed attempt at a social experiment, but honestly, I will be ok because I’m an ESFJ. But you, on the other hand are not and I fear for you all; just for a few minutes though. I’ll move on quickly while you’re stuck reeling in this agony of betrayal for years to come!

*sigh* I read that your percentage is increasing in the population and I fear for humanity.

Good luck. And most importantly APRIL FOOL’S!!!! BOOM! Did I get you? Let me know below!

7 thoughts on “I Have to Admit Something to You…”

  1. Oh, Jesus! Almost started to cry, after those great articles for discovering how can I live as an INFP, you say you are another type. Glad to know that was a joke 🙂

  2. You totally got me. I just found this site the other day and was so happy about it. When I returned to the site and read this post I felt so let down and so pissed, until I read “April Fools.”

    Good job! I love a good trick.

    • The key to a good April Fool’s Day joke is to time it such that people see it the following day 😉 Actually, that’s the one downfall of Facebook and the Internet. April Fool’s Day jokes that happen on a different day. I see it happening all the time!

  3. Very funny, Mike. 🙂 I have to say the part about riding a giraffe naked conjured up hilarious pictures. Thanks for that. You just made my night.


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