INFPs, Meet in our New Forum!

I’m very happy to announce a great new communication tool for INFPs; the INFP Forum. I hope that this will give you more avenues to meet people like yourself and discover that you’re not the only one who feels alone in the world. I hope we can also put our brainpower and creativity to use to solve all of the world’s problems 😉


Signing up is simple: just click the register link at the top of this page OR click the INFP Forum link above and sign up. Then get started posting! Have fun, be weird and meet other people like you!

How to get to the INFP Forum
How to get to the INFP Forum

UPDATE: 5/18/2015 Sadly, this was my second attempt at launching a forum and it failed. I realized I needed to be hardcore committed to make it thrive and I just didn’t have the focus!




2 thoughts on “INFPs, Meet in our New Forum!”

  1. Hi: I’m Curtis and I’m an INFP. More about me? I’m a manager who is often dinged for lack of people skills. Just like at School, I don’t participate enough in meetings. I hate team-building games on training days. (Can’t I just call in sick?) Another thing I hate: those round tables that seat 10 strangers for meals at business conferences.

    Conferences should have special seating for introverts with complimentary book stands at each place setting. I would love to see a sign, “Reserved for Introverts,” at a conference table. How ’bout another sign, “Extroverts Only,” as a warning to the rest of us. Design an Introvert section with tables for 1 or two people.

    I’m often mistaken for one of the seven dwarves. Can you guess which one? They call me “Grumpy”, even when I’m perfectly happy while working intently on a solo project.

    I would like to see Success Tips for Introverted Managers that don’t include 9 ways to act like an extrovert.

    What do you think a Dream Cruise for Introverts would look like? I want to start the Contemplation Cruise Line with a huge library instead of a dance floor. Signs posted on deck: “no small talk allowed”.

    • Curtis,
      That’s awesome and hilarious! My friend’s say I’m like a “grumpy old cat,” which cracks me up, mainly because it’s true!

      The funny thing is that I think introverts are happy to talk to people as long as it’s about something interesting. I just can’t stand pointless conversation for too long or people talking at me while I try to get the hell out of the situation.

      Small talk has a place in helping you find common ground with someone, but I feel like a bunch of introverts, and particularly INFPs, in a room would just start talking to each other because they would know they’re not being judged as “weird” and suddenly have things in common with people!

      I was on a management track for a bit and left the job to find myself much less stressed. Then I just decided that I’m going to do what’s required of me at work and find a way to achieve some kind of happiness and meaning so I can break free of the 9-5 prison!



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