1 thought on “10 Habits of Highly Organized People”

  1. This is how I learned and still learn, the mean hard heavy metallic nerve numbing way of gravitising to reality.

    1. Snap out of the thought of ‘doing it later’ by moving your head, turn it / twist it / nod it / shake it or wave your hand / swing your foot. Do something to divert your mind and motor your limbs, your body.
    Move-ment: Move b4 torment.

    2. Rub the finger and thumb,with conscious breathing shift your eyes randomly to something else and pray you break away from repetitive adiction. Do it all together. Music: same song over and over and over. Stuff: ceaseless consumptionIf I am doing something over and over, I am being taken over.

    3. Talk to somebody for the sake of humanity and celebrating our existence in this lifetime for another day. tht’s it. Unconditional love for being human. Yes, one of those days with a bad astrological forecast this would not imply. but for INFP’s its just another walk in the park. I mean, the listening skills, ability to bond with what a total stranger had gone thru the same day, giving away a genuine smile over and over.

    If I had 10 of them would not be here, I guess. Would be busy running my own disneyland or spending ultra quality time!! 😛


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