Actors and Actresses take a story and bring it to life for an audience, whether in a play, a movie or on TV.

Many people dream of being famous actors and actresses, but like all arts, it requires a lot of talent, some luck and some smarts to successfully navigate the culture.

It’s also extremely important to “know someone” (errr, many “someones”). Don’t assume that you can’t know someone, however. Learning to meet people and network will be a huge asset and it is something you can learn.

In a field like this, competition is high, so it’s best if you’ve been acting since highschool and are constantly fine-tuning your craft through classes and one-on-one coaching. If not, try some classes and see if you think you can get good at it. See if people react well to your performances.

Also, your feelings can be a huge asset here. The entire point of acting is to convince people that you are feeling something, not just reciting lines. So being able to harness specific feelings and empathize with a character’s history will help you and your director create a performance that convinces and resonates with audiences.

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