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2 thoughts on “Editor”

  1. I have worked in publishing for 12 years now. My first editor job was in educational publishing, and later I worked in trade publishing. My personal observation as an INFP was that educational publishing, at least where I worked, had a very necessary distinction between development editors and acquisitions editors. These require two very different personality types, so it makes sense. Development editors work on manuscripts, doing the work that most people expect when they think of an editor. Meanwhile, acquisitions editors are out schmoozing and looking for new projects. The unwelcome surprise when I moved to trade publishing was that editors there did everything. Yes, we were expected to do manuscript work, but we were also expected to be out schmoozing, looking for the next big project. There was a LOT of socializing required. Book awards shows, galas, courting authors with lunches…even weekly brainstorming meetings (any INFP’s nemesis) for new book ideas. For this reason, I didn’t last in trade publishing. Now I’m doing freelance editing, which is good for an INFP (although has its own challenges–I feel I’ve gone too far into isolation now!).


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