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2 thoughts on “Geologist”

  1. I worked as an exploration geologist for seven years and enjoyed many things about it. Initially I went in that direction because I always had a fascination with the earth and time, and because the pay was decent. I found exploration a good balance between field work and office activities. The FIFO roster can work well because you have a long enough break to relax and pursue your own interests, and youre often too busy to think about much else besides work when youre on site or in the field. The mining and production side of geology can be pretty mundane and serious at times but it depends very much on the people you work with. So in summary, geology is certainly a career that many INFP’s would enjoy, though there’s very few jobs around at present.

  2. I’ve found it difficult to align my values with a lot of the values of my peers. Many people go into geology purely for the money during a boom cycle of the boom-bust fluctuations on mineral prices.
    I’ve found success working in the environmental sector of geology as a GIS technician with the environmental monitoring programs funded by green friendly politicans. I really enjoyed work because maps allows me to use my creativity designing maps for other scientists and the decision-makers.
    I’m currently considering a career in hydrogeophysics- I’ve returned for a fifth year to finish my physics minor. I want to use geophysics to assist companies with environmental monitoring. But I’m finding it hard to find work in that field…a lot of geophysicists are hired to find and sell resources and thats it. I need something which aligns with my values…on the plus side a lot of physicists are INTP ENTP INTJ and I really dont mind working with them at all since I’m very close with my mom and sisters T personalities.
    I enjoyed my internships in GIS so much I could maybe work in that field and then do a masters and become a college professor? High school physics teacher is definitely on my list as well.
    Anyway there is definitely a place for INFP in the field of geology/earth sciences so if you love the subject don’t let personality conflicts with other people in the field stop you from studying geology as your major!


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