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2 thoughts on “Optometry”

  1. I’m an optometrist. I don’t own my own clinic/business, so my perspective might be totally different if I owned my own clinic, which is fairly common in the field. I’m also HSP.

    What I love about the profession is of course helping people with vision/eye problems.

    What I absolutely loathe is the pressure to sell and upsell to the patient. That is technically not my job, but I have worked for 5 years after finishing college and worked in 2 separate officed/practises and both places put a lot of pressure on me to steer the patient towards the the more expensive options in frames and lenses. I hate that and for me contributes to a lot of stress. How much do my patients spend on stuff in the eyeglass section compared to the other optometrists patients.

    Another thing I hate is the way especially contact lens patients are required to have a contact lens exam annually. And many bitch and moan about this to you while having them in the chair. Many patients are also very unappreciative and rude. That takes a toll on me.

  2. I’ve done this – It’s a fun job being an optometric technician… The only downfall are the people. I found that I got stressed out with the customers and sometimes, my co-workers. Too much multitasking and it’s a career that doesn’t let you use your creativity. Plus, there’s definitely a ceiling which you hit, in terms of job advancement and pay.


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