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2 thoughts on “Translator”

  1. I agree completely with Veronique. I am in translation business since 1996 and I can confirm that most of the translation tasks in the market are not creative at all. Literary translation would be a great choice for an INFP but this segment is too small.

  2. I am in process of obtaining my translation degree in Montreal, and I have started to translate professionnally since January in an international accounting firm.

    I dont’t like it and I am currently trying to change careers. It’s important that people understand that translating is NOT like creative writing (for those who like that). Most texts that require translation are quite technical and no fun at all, unless you manage to get into audiovisual or literary translation, which is less than 10% of the translation market in Canada.

    You need to be very focused on details and finding the exact right word and sentence, and stay focused on writing one text (that is often boring) for very long periods of time.

    For those interested, Canada is a very good market for translators, since there are laws that enforce translation of most official documents. Europe also seems to be a great market.


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