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  1. I am an INFP, and a veterinarian. The veterinary profession is diverse, challenging and can be rewarding. Constant disappointment in clients ability to look after their pets can really wear you down as an INFP, who has an idealistic view of the world. On the other hand, clients who love their pets and follow your advice are truely rewarding. Government work or farm work can be particularly rewarding as you are working on a large scale to improve humanity (public health, herd health, border security, food security), although mundane details of government work can be tiresome and frustrating. Academia allows advancement towards improving the world by discovery of new knowledge and teaching others is rewarding. The vet profession requires high intelligence, flexibility and a scientific but also creative and analytic mind. My chosen career path at this point in time is academia in conservation and human health, unlike my colleagues who have chosen private practice, I am taking a rather unconventional but exciting path which leads me all over the world. Challenges for me are being shy and the requirement for public speaking and confidence and leader ship, but I see it as a personal challenge to better myself and in doing so hopefully save some endangered species!

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      When you said “academia in conservation and human health” di you retrain away from veterinary science and as what?


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