Video: Embracing imperfection

I made this very imperfect video about embracing IMperfection (where I imperfectly tell you to embrace “perfection” HA!)

Moral of the story:

  • Life is imperfect.
  • Butts.
  • We avoid having discomfort in our lives.
  • More butts.
  • By pursuing perfection, we build a bubble around ourselves and live a smaller life where we don’t even experience happiness anymore.
  • Many, many more butts. (Editor’s note: I seriously cracked myself up putting this in here – I can’t believe no one mentioned it or called me out!)
  • We trick ourselves into thinking things like tv, sugar, drinking, drugs and other sources of short term gratification will/do actually make is happy.

To a life of love and joy!

3 thoughts on “Video: Embracing imperfection”

  1. Truly I do live an imperfect life. Nothing is ideal for me. My life is still exceptionally disordered and unreasonably tight for alternatives. The absolute best way I could perceive my life to live is anything but difficult to envision, however is difficult to go after, empower or accomplish.

  2. You’re cool man.

    I did a lot of work on my self in 2017 around “being” with life. On the journey I discovered I am an INFP. So much explained for me. Liberating, and I’ve been starting to see why; your video hit on it for me. For myself, I’ve always thought my strengths were my weaknesses and my weaknesses were something wrong with me. Now realizing, my weaknesses are my strength and sometimes super powers 😁 and my weaknesses are things I naturally don’t like and that’s ok, which is a much better way to approach your weakness so much more harmonious 😉

    Lastly not living in this flow leads to agitation and stress.


  3. Thank you for another video! This is spot on. I’ve struggled with this for as long as I can remember and have realized that I have chronic stress because I never stop thinking about what I need to do to make things perfect (i.e., fixating on what is not perfect) (i.e., imagining how things “could be”).

    Recently I’ve been checking in with myself throughout the day and reminding myself to clear my head of all those racing thoughts and “relax”. (The idea to relax was given to me by my ISTP–I think–boyfriend who played me this clip of Rick & Morty ( and said “Worry about the things you need to worry about when you need to worry about them… and don’t when you don’t.”) Surprisingly enough, it actually works. I’ve found myself rushing less and experiencing less of that feeling that I have so much more to do.

    For example, last year I spent 7 months taking improv classes and it was an amazing experience. It was incredibly scary and uncomfortable but the rewards and joy I received from the experience were just as intense. Then, I stopped going to classes and rejected invitations to join a group that performs because I was so scared of messing up or being part of a performance team that I didn’t quite click with. In my head, public embarrassment was the only outcome and it paralyzed me. I recently received another invitation to join the team and I’m going to do it, knowing this time that striving to “dream and do” rather than just “dream” opens up the floodgates of the human emotional experience–some of those emotions are uncomfortable (the fear, anxiety, vulnerability) but some of them are magnificent. We can’t have one without the other.


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