What’s an INFP?

Picture of INFP in bold letters and "Please help me finish what I sta" ending abruptlyWhat’s an “INFP” you might ask? “INFP” is a type specified by the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. Each of the four letters stands for a different aspect of the personality.

The “I” stands for “Introversion.” This means we tend to think things through in our heads.

The “N” stands for iNtuition.

The “F” stands for Feeling.

The “P” stands for Perceptive.

INFPs are also Known as:

  • “Dreamer”
  • “Idealist”
  • “Healer”

INFPs tend to be

  • Messy
  • Easily distracted(I’ll be surprised if I finish this post)

Population of INFP’s

Wondering why you feel so strange, like you don’t quite fit in? Well, it’s because we’re such a small population. INFPs make up only 2% of the population! 1.5% of all males are INFPs and 2.5% of females are INFPs. That’s not a whole lot. And I’d say that’s why we feel so out of place.

While some of us get burred and overrun with our feelings, the good news is that there are some famous INFPs. What that means is that there are INFPs who have been able to cope with their emotions and constantly changing interests and become successful. There’s even a list of famous fictional INFPs.

Bookmark now and come back often and we’ll discuss various career options for INFPs and famous INFPs!

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