Awww crap!

I really thought I had figured out tidy little groups that all of my readers fit into. But you guys always prove me wrong!

So that I can make sure I’m addressing most people’s needs, would you please┬áleave a comment below and let me know the following:

  1. Your approximate age (30’s, 40’s, 50’s, etc)
  2. What you do for a living
  3. Why you don’t fit into any of the other groups I defined (just reality check the hell out of me, no big deal)
  4. And what’s your biggest job/career-related problem right now.


5 thoughts on “Other”

  1. 30s working part time at a chain retail, it’s killing my soul, I need to find a job meaningful to me, that has my heart’s passion in it, that will help me live in an environment that doesn’t suck my soul, and make me tired every night.

  2. Hi Mike, I work for two different art galleries in front of house / collections assistant positions, that together make up a 4-5 day working week (fulltime-ish, but not quite). While I love working in the arts and enjoy the people and environment I work in, there’s just no way I can plan a future, financially, if I continue along this path. There’s no money or funding in the arts where I live at the moment, and therefore no opportunities to advance into any work within the cash-strapped galleries that is more creatively or intellectually stimulating or financially fulfilling. I have an advanced degree (PhD), adjunct teaching experience and a fear of poverty. I’m in my mid 40’s now. The fear is real. Looking for ways to move forward into meaningful work that allows me enough money to plan a future. Hope you can help!

  3. 20, I’m under an independent internship until I get into college. I’m out of highschool, but I didn’t immediately jump into college, so I’m between the two. I’ve had jobs in the past, but ultimately got fired from one and quit the other. I want to look for another job that doesn’t entirely combat my internship.

  4. 50, laid off two years ago from a career I love – Apparel Design/Patternmaker/Technical Designer, and working full time, but underemployed as a temp worker, so I didn’t feel like I fit any category, but several. Also part-time entrepreneur. Love my career but difficult to find work. Struggling with the idea of going back to college at 50?!?!?what? but don’t know what to change to, if a career change at all, or if it makes sense at my age to go into debt for a degree that doesn’t’ guarantee a job either. Never felt so stuck and undecided. Need to move my life forward.

  5. Good Day Mike; I just turned 60 last month, and have been retired/disabled for 2 years. It looks like I would need to restart in a new career. I do not think any career I’ve done is quite right. I need to do something, however, since my pension runs out in 7 years. The health issues I deal with on a daily basis distract me from focusing on or getting motivated to pursue what’s best. This is the biggest challenge that I currently face. I am unable to stand very long or walk very far due to knee problems. Depression is a daily challenge also. I live alone, and that has it’s drawbacks. I think a “desk” job or work from home career would make the most sense. I like news and feature and even sports writing, interviewing people in order to gather information, and photography as a creativity outlet. I used to like many things about teaching, but the discipline problems in the classroom almost drove me crazy. Travel and weather are both passions of mine, but how to use those as a career is unclear.


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