Self-Love: The Key to All of the Awesome You Deserve

Oh, my beloved INFP, do you know what month it is?
It’s February, the month where we worship our lovers and spend our money on them to try to make them feel loved one day of the year. Ah, relationships are comically flawed from the beginning for most unfortunately. I’m not cynical I swear.

Well, I’m single this year and I thought the best place to resume writing for Invincible INFP is on a very, very, VERY important topic: self-love.

That’s right, I declare the ENTIRE month of February as SELF-LOVE MONTH!

What this means very realistically is that you are tasked with learning to love yourself, NO MATTER WHAT.

And so, for this challenge, I propose some rules for the next few days:

  1. Listen to negative self-talk in your mind
  2. Think of the ways in which you actually do show yourself that you care.
  3. Think of the ways in which you treat yourself poorly.

We’re not talking about changing anything yet. Just observe and think about these things over the next few days.

Most of you have big dreams. I know this much.

Many of you can’t get close to those dreams because you’re hampered by fear, self-doubt, anger, confusion and many other things.

It’s time to get past that stuff.

And the first step to “getting past that stuff” is developing a love and compassion for yourself.
And I’m telling you, the more I love myself, the nicer people are to me. It’s uncanny and kind of amazing.ย 

I remember writing a blog post on another site about an exercise on learning to love yourself. I shared it in the INFP subreddit.

Someone commented “I can’t do this because I honestly can’t say that I love myself.”

Ohhhhwwww! Heart-wrenching! ๐Ÿ™

But I get it. I was there long ago, I just didn’t know that’s how I felt.
Learning to love yourself is truly one of the best things you can do for yourself.

It improves your confidence, self-esteem, ability to stand up for yourself and ability to love other people. I think more importantly, it gives you the strength to forge onward in the pursuit of confronting pain from your past and present so that you can become the person you want to be.

It will affect every single aspect of your life, even your career.

But it’s really fucking (sorry for the bolding, I just thought it would be funny to bold “fucking” by itself)ย hard if you’re not used to it.

So, the challenge is declared!

I’ll write a few posts this month with exercises that have helped me and insights I’ve gained.

But in the meantime, I want to hear from you either through blog comments or email.

What’s the first thing that comes into your head when you read this post?

Is it excitement or indifference? Anxiety or Joy? Doubt or Belief?

Are you like “hell yes! A challenge?” Excellent. Someone who’s brave enough to take life by the balls!


“Fuck this. I hate myself and that’s never going to change.” Getting it out in the air is the first step. You can definitely learn to love yourself if you give yourself a chance.


“I totes already love myself dude. And now I love you too.” Hey, thanks! I appreciate it! I love you too – we’re like a happy little hippy family or something. And I’m happy that you’ve found yourself ๐Ÿ˜‰

So, let’s get started. Let me hear it in all it’s rawness and all it’s imperfection.

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  1. This must be a sign from the Universe. I was just thinking yesterday morning that I needed to work on self-love. I read my horoscope yesterday afternoon which was also about self love. And your email today confirms it.


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