The only two paths to switching careers that work for parents

I’ve spent years trying to understand how to switch careers and really cut it down to something digestible for people who are parents.

I see a lot of people clinging to the ways of the past – ways they knew or ways others have told them. And those ways don’t work. So we need to really get creative and find ways to switch using the resources we have.

Switching within your field of expertise – I recently switched careers from a developer role to a management role. I also switched industries from finance to eCommerce.

It is heavenly! There’s so much to learn, so much to do and I feel massively valued.
See what switched there? The role and the industry, it wasn’t a total ground up gutting of my career.
Work for yourself – There are SO many options for INFPs to work for themselves it’s unreal. 

But many hop on the “I’m not cut out for business” or “I’m not organized enough” or “I’m not good with paperwork” bandwagon. 

Then don’t do those things in your business! 

Be a coach, be a tutor, be an instructor. Spread your knowledge and ask for money for it!
But what about every other person’s single favorite option: Getting a new degree!

Going to school is fun, but it doesn’t work for a career switch for a myriad of reasons. 

One being time, two being money, three being you have no guarantee you’ll enjoy it, four being you have to start all over – at the bottom. 

That isn’t to say it’s not doable. Just not for most of us.
So, my thought, look into expanding, changing, melding your career or taking it to the streets to sell your smarts before trying to start all over.

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  1. I wholeheartedly agree with the sentiments of this article. For a long time I thought going back to school would be the answer, but for most of us looking for a change, we already have a toolbox full of gifts, skills, and abilities that can be leveraged in a new and different way or from a different angle. I also want to add that changing jobs or professions is not always the quick or first answer either. I’ve learned that the deadness I would feel while engaged in unfulfilling work, was part of a larger issue of not really living. My job is simply one part of my life that is the means for me to earn a livelihood. Perhaps, the other aspects of my life are where I do the things that really matter to me–the things I would do for free or on my own without any outside pressure? From this perspective my job becomes purposeful when I re-frame it to be the tool I use to fund my true dreams.


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